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Map of the PMA stations in the Philippines and Micronesia


Micronesia covers a vast ocean area of over 3 million square miles, a region larger than the continental United States. The territory has a heterogenous population of about 200,000 people scattered among more than 2,100 islands and atolls. The ministries of PMA are active mainly in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), the Repulic of Palau, and on the island of Guam.

Since 1945, Micronesia has been under American administration. The traditional grass skirt, lava-lava and thu (or loincloth) are all but a memory now, worn mostly on remote islands and within some communities and during cultural dances. Confusion is a formidable enemy to these islanders who are caught between the computer and the canoe. The islanders known as Kapingamarangis, Mortlockese, Mokilese, Pingelapese, Ulithians, and Woleains are just a few of the people who are in desperate need to see the love of Jesus Christ lived and modeled in their midst!


The Philippines, with over 7,100 islands and 80 million people, is a land of great contrast, intense beauty, and incredible misery. PMA ministers in this nation of islands. It is to the remotest of these islands that we have been called. The majority of PMA missionaries and workers are nationals who are devoted to serving people as diverse as the outcast sea gypsies of Sulu, the orphans of Mindoro, and the urban dwellers of metropolitan Manila.

Medical Evacuation on the Island of Fais, Yap.
Medical Evacuation on the Island of Fais, Yap.
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