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 Markus & Prisca Klassen
Children:Tahi and Airo
Function:Missionary Pilot/A&P Mechanic
Markus & Prisca Klassen

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Since his childhood days, Markus was dreaming of becoming a missionary pilot. Then one day he heard about the Islands of Micronesia and the mission of PMA and never forgot. He continued to pursue his dream: received his private pilot license when he was 19 years old, finished his training as an aircraft mechanic and even moved from his birthplace in Germany to Switzerland, where he got a good job offer to allow him to further his mechanic training. Shortly after he arrived in Switzerland he fell in love with Prisca and they were married in August 2009. Even before they got married they were talking about the possibility of serving as missionaries. After their marriage they planned a world trip with several mission stations included. One was with PMA on Yap Island. When they reached Micronesia, they loved it right away. It seemed that all the puzzle pieces were falling into place as they came to realize that the island world was the place God wanted them to serve. With this assurance in their heart they started planning and saving money once again and 3 months after their first baby, they headed to the States for further training. Markus got his mechanic license converted and earned his commercial license in less than 6 months. Their financial support came together through churches and friends, which was a huge encouragement too. Since November 2014 the Klassens have been serving with PMA on the Island of Palau and are excited about the ways God is using them as His servants. In January 2016 their family was blessed with another member: Airo Klassen. Together they continue to serve and love the people on the island of Palau.

Eye surgery on board the Sea Haven, Satawan Atoll, Chuuk.
Eye surgery on board the Sea Haven, Satawan Atoll, Chuuk.
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