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 Fred Ranada
Spouse:Edna Toledo Ranada
Children:Sharon, Sheryl and Jeffrey
Function:Chief Aircraft Mechanic: PMA Philippines
Fred Ranada

Fred is the Chief Aviation Mechanic for PMA Philippines and has been serving since 1985. His wife Edna, and children Maria Sharon, Sheryl and Jeffry support him in his work as Missionary Mechanic. Together they have enjoyed the blessings as well as learned to understand the sacrifices of a missionary. Fred is rare among Filipinos, giving his talents to the Lord rather than seeking lucrative employment overseas. Looking back Fred testifies that he has trusted the Lord to supply all his family's needs and to provide wisdom in even the smallest detail of his work, and he has found the Lord faithful! We are convinced it is God's will for more people like Fred to give their lives to His service despite the cost. Technical missionaries like Fred are a vital part of the team that front line missionaries depend upon to accomplish their task of reaching remote peoples. Prayer Request: For health, wisdom and knowledge so he can continue to serve the Lord with excellence.

Eye surgery on board the Sea Haven, Satawan Atoll, Chuuk.
Eye surgery on board the Sea Haven, Satawan Atoll, Chuuk.
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