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Other Aviation Services


PMA is a standby Medevac service for the surrounding Islands. We work with the hospital in Yap, who dispatches us, once they have determined that the patient is critical. We have a stretcher which is installed in the aircraft and we are ready to fly in less than an hour. This is a FREE service as part of our mission to help the Micronesian people.

Sea Search

When fishermen, or ships get lost at sea, PMA is also available to go for Search and Rescue. We are given coordinates by the U.S. coastguard, based on the last known location, and wind and current direction. We then scan the different quadrants at low level to try and find the missing vessels. This service is done for the cost of fuel only.


The loss of a loved one is a very difficult time for the family.In Micronesia it is often that the family wants to have the deceased buried on his home island. We do our best to work with the family to get the casket flown out and as many family members as possible at the lowest possible rate.

Medicine Drops

Some of the Islands do not have runways, and are very isolated. We are also available for medicine drops. The hospital will bring the medicines to our hangar, where we package them and attach parachutes to the boxes. We then fly to the remote islands and air drop the medicine to the people. This service is done for the cost of fuel only.

Medical Outreach in the Polillo Islands (Philippines).
Medical Outreach in the Polillo Islands (Philippines).
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