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PMA broadcasts on the FM band to the Island of Pohnpei and on the short-wave band for the surrounding Micronesian Islands. At this time, the programs which are broadcasted on FM and short-wave are identical.

FM 88.5 MHz
Coverage: Island of Pohnpei
Amplification: 300 Watts

Short-Wave 4755 KHz
Coverage: Surrounding Micronesian Islands within a radius of 500 - 1,000 miles
Amplification: 1000 Watts
Antenna: Quarter-length vertical antenna

Can you hear us on the air? Please report your reception.

We want to thank GALCOM International for assisting PMA in the major technical aspects of this radio station and for their help in the provision of portable, fix-tuned, solar-powered FM and short-wave radios for distribution to the islanders.

Medical Evacuation on the Island of Fais, Yap.
Medical Evacuation on the Island of Fais, Yap.
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